The Antonine Sisters of Canada welcome you to the
web site of their apostleship in Ottawa.

To educate is "to love and to hope"
. Such is the theme that
inspired our educative mission of the Providence Foundation.
May the Divine Providence, source of love and hope,keep
an eye on our mission in order to guide it to its full expansion
in the service of the Community of Ottawa.

Established in Ottawa since 1988, our Providence Mission
did not hesitate to expand their services, alongside their spiritual
and pastoral mission, on to an early childhood education offered
at La Garderie Providence, an international program of Arabic language
and way of life and an academic teaching offered at the Providence Academy.

We aim, through our educative mission, to give the children and the youth
of all denomination and culture the best opportunity to learn, to blossom to
preserve the spiritual and cultural heritage and to become responsible citizens
capable of taking responsibilities in a social, pluralistic and multicultural context.

The ultimate goal for this web site is none other than to introduce you to our
Antonine Congregation and our mission in Canada. You will find a brief glimpse
of our historical Antonine family and of its diversified field of action throughout the world.
The site will also inform you of the various facets of our Providence Mission:

Life of sharing and prayer,
Pastoral activities,
Educational and cultural services.

Dear visitors, after visiting our site, do not hesitate to communicate with us, first
and foremost to give us your comments and suggestions that could contribute
to our development and then to make an appointment to meet the principal
and see the teachers and students in the midst of the action.